2019-2020 Foundation, Realtor &  Donors

The following foundations, realtors and community members made a generous donation to EFO's 2019-2020 campaign, ensuring we can continue our mission of educational excellence in Orinda’s schools for every child.  Gifts made at the Leadership Circle level (>$2500) are marked by an asterisk.




F.G.K. Foundation* 

The Kling Family Foundation

The Depolo Foundation


Roberta Calderon, Coldwell Banker

April Matthews, Village Associates Real Estate

Kristina McCann

Leila Schlein, Compass

Ann Sharf, Village Associates Real Estate*

Clark Thompson, Village Associates*

Margaret Zucker, Village Associates







David Anderson

Shelley and Jonathan Bagg

Hardip Bakshi

Bobby Bardenhagen

Jeanne and Eric Barker

Neil and Eugene Barth

Lynn and Jason Baskett

Beverly Baus

Paula Bond

Wendy Bong

Dianne Bostick and Ave Tucker

Cathy and Keith Boswell

Carol and Randy Boyd

Marcia and Steve Boyd

Lisa and Daniel Bress

Namita Brown

Louise and Peter Brown

Dick Burkhalter

Benjamin Campbell

Stephanie and John Caronna

Barbara Carrigg

Sylvia and Tim Carter

Steven Cassriel

Boris Chen

Rosanne and Jeff Cheung

Christine and Willie Chiang

Michael Chinn

Chee Chow

Jan and Alan Coe

Debbie Cohen and Steve Stillman

Lavonne Coleman

Lexie and Steve Corbitt

Christina Cordoza and Daniel Judge

Paul Cortese

Lynn and Kerry Curtis

Jan Cushman and Bruce McGurk

Ellen and Joffa Dale

Marilyn and Don Dalziel

Joan and Robert Daoro

Nancy Debenham

Thomas DeJonghe

Dr. Craig Dennis

Peter Dinkelspiel

Carol and Chuck DiRaimondo

Nancy and Michael Donovan

Laurie and Thomas Dunn

Nancy and James Dupuis

Tim and Beth Eliason

Nancy Estes

Jennifer and Michael Evans

Finola and Robert Fellner

Kathy and John Fernbacher

Stephen Fetzko

Marjorine Fine and John Markley

Sylvia and David Finger

Charles Fisher

Tina Fletcher

Barbara and Ed Flinn

Susan and Gary Forman

Jan and Rob Formanek

Cassandra and David Forth

Geraldine Foster

Deborah and Jonathan Frank

Caroline and David Friedmann

Alison Fritzie and Paul Boero

Sandy and Gary Fryer

Dennis Gee

William Gerber

Caroline and Paul Giers

Karen Derr Gilbert

Diana and Mike Gilmore

Eva and Alex Glazer

Diane and David Goldsmith*

Pamela and John Goode

Margaret and Joseph Govednik

Shand and William Green

Brian Green-Krogmann 

Deborah Greenberg and Glen Petersen

Ellen and Jim Griffith

Nancy Hall

Hatti Hamlin and Jim Finefrock

Joan Hammes

Brenda and Peter Hanschen

Tish and Steve Harwood

Helen and Peter Hasselman

Dr. Leslie and Cheryl Hata

Susan and Steve Haufler

Arlene and Robert Hegarty

Christine and Robert Higgins

Laurel and David Hill

Gayl and Harlan Hirschfeld

Wendy and Stan Holcenberg

Alison and Jeffrey Holland

Robin Holmes

Allan Horn

Marcia and Charles Horne

H.D. Hoskins

Cara and Timothy Hoxie

Margaret and William Hughes

Brian Inglesby

Suanne and Grant Inman

Kimberley Jackson

Susan and Keith Jacobsen

Irene Jewell

Dwight L. Johnson

Kathy and Mark Js

Joey and Bill Judge

Phoebe and Ernest Kahl

Marjorie and Robert Kaplan

Kristin and Jason Kaune

Julie and James Kirchberg

Kathy Klein and Scott Fink

Rob Kline

Sharon Hamm and Thomas Koehler

Diana and Douglas Krotz

Jenniger Kuenster and George Miers

Robert Lamoreaux

Linda and Jim Landau

Marie Legallet

Philip Leitner

Gail and Mark Levie

James Lewis

Lynette Ley

May Lim-Wapniarski and Bogdan Wapniarski

Sarah Liron and Sheldon Kahn

Scott Litchfield

Hannah Liu and Kai Deng

Susan and Andrew Livingston

Beverly and Robert Loos

Marilyn Loushin-Miller and Arthur Miller

Alison Mackenzie

Seth Madnick

Diane Oshima and Paul Maltzer

Kendra Marcus

Debra Margolis and Craig Labadie

Lynn Martin

Susan and Willy Mautner

Beverly and James McCall

Tom McCarthy

Brigid McCaw and William Finzer

Mary and Dave McDonald

Sandra McGonigle

Jan Cushman and Bruce McGurk

Chris McLain

Elisabeth and Eli Meezan

Judy and David Merritt

Aliza and Peter Metzner

Connie and Jim Miller

Susan Miller

Janis and Jarred Miyamoto-Mills

Marjorie and Ed Moffatt

Elizabeth B Moise

Ann and William Moon

Anne and Jeff Nash

Carrie Nerheim

P. Jacqueline and Robert Neuman

Judi and Jim Nishimine

Margaret and John Nohr

Paul Nordine

Carol and Robert Nykodym

Marilyn and William O'Brian

Sandra and Jacques Ouziel

Patricia and Stephen Paddock

Nancy and Gene Parker

Anne Parr

Susan Ten Bosch and Art Paull

Janet and Norman Pease*

Paula Petti and Lawrence Hall

Mary and Bill Phelon

Nancy and Philip Placier

Kit and Allen Prager

Peggy and Jim Quirk

Barbara and Geoffrey Raaka

Sharon and Terrence Ranahan

Mariah Ray

Jonathan Raymong

Nan and David Reen

Kathy and Dennis Regalado

Paula Reinman and Sandy Gross

Laura Remington and Michael Vale

Elizabeth Reynolds and Ted Cassman

Theresa Reynolds and Charles Vitt

Carol Riddell

Joan Roebuck

Jesse Lynn & Colleen Rose

Sonya Ruehl

Jane and James Ryan

Carol and Michael Sabarese

Mary Ann Sande

Laura Sawczuk and Luke Ellis

Mary and John Schelling

Carolyn and David Schiller

Caroline and Robert Schmalz

Bill and Nath Schmicker*

Kathleen and Harvey Schochet

David Schrag

Dr. Carolyn Seaton

Steve Sernett

Barbara Shoop

Sarah and Lawrence Siegel

Charlot and Dennis Singleton

Ellis Sjoberg

Sally and Joseph Small

Winifred Smith

Laurel Smith

Dr. Lil and Ann Sorenson

Evanthia Spanos and Steve Austin

Julia and Chris Stenzel

Fran and David Strykowski

Susan and Jeffrey Supran

Miriam Swernoff

Casey and Rich Thompson

Julie and Keith Thomson

Larry Toy

Tom Trowbridge

Marcie Tuttle

Lida and Ted Urban

Caroline Utz

Karen and Robert Wetherell

Sharon Wheatley and Dr. David Shapiro

Donna White

Jeanne and Jack Wickware

Bobbie and John Wilson*

Valerie Winn

Kimberly Myers Wirtz

Diane and Kent Wolcott

Janice and Bill Wong

Molly and Andy Woodberry

Sue and Jim Woolwine

Amy and Tom Worth

Kay and Peter Yanev

Tom Young

Susanne and Steven Zanki