Preferred Realtors Program


Orinda's schools are a mainstay of our city. Our schools are one of the reasons why people choose to move to Orinda, and ultimately, why many choose to stay for years! EFO is proud to acknowledge the gifts of local realtors who promote Orinda's excellent schools to their clients.


Become an EFO Preferred Realtor today and our appreciation will last all year. EFO acknowledges cash and in-kind contributions in our Annual Report and in the Preferred Realtors section of this website. If you’d like to become a Preferred Realtor, the chart below outlines the various levels of contribution and what benefits you will receive. When you’re ready, you can donate online or download the form and mail in your donation.


Curious who’s already supporting EFO?  Check out our list of Preferred Realtors who helped to kick off this program during the 2018-2019 campaign year.