EFO Mission

Building on a tradition of strong community support for educational excellence in Orinda's public schools, the Educational Foundation of Orinda provides financial support for quality programs, services, and enrichment opportunities which directly benefit every student at Orinda elementary schools, Orinda Intermediate School, and Miramonte High School.


EFO is widely known and respected as a highly effective fund-raising organization that:​

  • Is dedicated to providing the difference between a good and an excellent education for Orinda students

  • Provides a secure funding source from our annual fundraising campaign and our Funds Functioning as Endowment (FFE)

  • Believes in the power of an enriched curriculum and ensures all students benefit from an education that goes beyond a purely academic focus


  • Provides targeted support when financial challenges face Orinda schools and the excellence of core curriculum is at risk

  • Is an integral part of the planning process for the use of discretionary school funds

  • Is a well understood and valued partner in ensuring excellent education for Orinda students throughout our community of:


Parents of school age children

Community members (non-parents and parents of non-school age children)

Local businesses

Teachers, administrators and staff of Orinda public schools

  • Is well run and maximizes volunteer resources

Click here for a copy of EFO’s Bylaws (as Amended and Restated on April 16, 2015)