Elementary Schools

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Historically, EFO donations funded teacher salaries for the following programs at Del Rey, Glorietta, Sleepy Hollow and Wagner Ranch:


  • Art Instruction

  • Choral & Instrumental Music Instruction

  • TK/K-3 Class Size Reduction (*shared expenses with Parents' Clubs)

EFO provided 100% of the funding for teacher salaries for Art, Choral and Instrumental Music classes. Elementary school students receive broad exposure to art history, theory and vocabulary and hands-on experience with a variety of materials, tools and media. Music teachers work with students to develop their interest in singing, and if they choose, in playing an instrument (4th and 5th grade).

Art opens up brain channels in students. I witness it every day. It can be very empowering. Art offers a place for self expression which is very personal but universal at the same time. It offers gateway to understanding so many other subjects. 

~Hillery Patterson, former OUSD Art Teacher


In partnership with Parents’ Clubs, EFO dollars supported TK/K–3 class-size reduction. A smaller class size means teachers have more time for each student and gives them extra time to focus on individual needs. This focus on reduced class size distinguishes Orinda schools from most California elementary schools.

For the 2019-2020 school year, EFO granted approximately $742,000 to support Orinda’s four elementary schools.