Employer Matching Donations

Through employer matching programs, you can significantly increase your donation to the Educational Foundation of Orinda and you may qualify for a higher donation category. Many companies are realizing the importance of supporting quality education through matching gifts and are encouraging employee donations to educational non-profits. Even retired employees can usually participate. Generally, you may have your gift matched up to 12 months after your donation has been made, although the timing varies from company to company.


Please visit Double the Donation to see if your employer will match your donation.

Check with the Human Resources department at your company and your spouse’s company to obtain information about each company’s matching gift program. Usually matching gift forms are quick and easy to fill out.


The impact of your gift to the Educational Foundation of Orinda may be doubled or possibly tripled! EFO and Orinda schools will benefit from your generous support.


If you need any assistance in filling out matching gift forms, please feel free to contact us at EFOrinda@gmail.com.


Thank you for initiating the process to match your gift to EFO.