Orinda Intermediate School

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EFO funding has been essential to providing the excellent educational experience offered at Orinda Intermediate School and to preparing students for their high school years.  During the 2019-2020 school year, EFO funded 100% of the librarian position at EFO, and, in partnership with the OIS Parents' Club, EFO funded a portion of teacher salaries for all elective sections at OIS.

Our electives help keep students engaged and connected, but they also inspire innovators and problem solvers, cultivate ethical and respectful citizens, create resourceful collaborators and critical thinkers, and nurture the emotional and social well-bring of Orinda's youth.    ~ Stacy Wayne, OIS Principal

The 2019-2020 elective offerings included:

Art (2 levels)                                     MakerSpace

Chorus                                               Public Speaking

Computer Graphics                          Robotics

Computer Programming                 Sculpture

Concert Band                                    Spanish (2 levels)

Debate                                               String Orchestra

Drama (2 levels)                               Video Production

French (2 levels)                               Web Design

Jazz Band                                          Woodshop

KOIS                                                    Yearbook



For the 2019-2020 school year, EFO granted approximately $422,000 directly benefiting each child at OIS.