Orinda's Funding Challenge

It is not always obvious why communities are asked to donate in support of public school education. While our community's priority on education remains a constant, so too are our districts' needs for supplemental funding. Did you know that Orinda schools are consistently ranked in the top 1% of California public schools and yet our government funding is in the bottom 1%?

Why? State funding for public schools in California as a whole ranks 48th nationwide and is woefully inadequate. Although state property taxes are high, Proposition 13 set strict limits on the amount of tax revenues that can be directed towards education. All California schools receive base funding on a per-student basis with some districts receiving additional monies for higher need students. Orinda remains one of the lowest publicly funded districts in the state(see chart below). The combination of insufficient state finances and our districts' demographics that disqualify Orinda from receiving additional funds perpetuates a continuous need to bridge the gap.

In 2019-2020, state and federal revenue will fund only 70% of our districts' needs. Contributions from local revenues (parcel taxes, Parents' Clubs and EFO donations) are essential to bridge this funding gap, and enable the continuation of countless successful educational programs that Orinda schools provide.

We simply cannot achieve out goals without your support!

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